Actor/Individual Headshot Session

One of the greatest challenges to a headshot photographer has always been how to capture the emotions and the feelings of an individual in front of his or her camera. To me, a great actor's headshot almost always makes the viewers feel something. We are human and we feel a lot. My goal is to convey a glimpse of the personality of the actors to the casting directors. I do so through communication and subtly directing actors to make them "forget" they are being photographed, that's where the magic really happens.


We offer a free consultation prior to the actor's headshot session. I would love to work with you to aim at the kind of roles for which you would like to get cast. All we want is to help you to push your acting career forward by giving you the tools. What we want is that when a casting director quickly goes through the sea of actors headshots and resumes, your headshot really stands out and leave them a great impression. Our actor's headshot sessions last up to three hours and a half in length. There is plenty of time so that you can fully relax and focus on taking directions and getting the best headshot. We will be shooting in front of an elegant white background because we believe “less is more” in a headshot. We intend to make your features and emotion the highlight of the photo. I will go over and discuss each photo with you during the headshot session in front of a large screen and make the selection on the go. By doing this, I will show you thing(s) you could do differently to produce better headshots. You will be able to see every photo taken during the headshot session and know exactly what headshot you will be getting before leaving the studio. The approved photos will be made available on Google drive. The images are usually posted shortly after you leave the studio. You will be responsible to pick the images you would like to be retouched and get back to us.


After you have selected the photos, you can place an order for retouching with us. Our rate is $30/image. Retouching is usually divided into two parts. After the initial retouching, photos will be made available for feedback from both you and your agents. Any feedback will be discussed. After that, changes will take place. In the end, the print-ready images will be released to the client through the Google drive link. For quality control purposes we prefer to have all our work handled by ourselves.


Feel free to bring a range of different colours and necklines. We want you to bring the ones you really love and feel comfortable in. Don’t be seasonal, everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters and jackets can work. Textures and layers will look great. Please try to keep the jewelry to a minimum. Studs or small earrings work as well as simple necklaces. Have some fun with this, if you feel your wardrobe is missing something then go shopping and we will keep the tags on it in case you would like to return the items afterward. We have a steamer in the studio for sorting out wrinkling.


women’s makeup:

Having your makeup professionally done is the icing on a good headshot cake! You are welcome to come makeup ready. We will start with a very clean simple look. Water-based foundations are recommended for its hydrating benefits that result in a healthier natural look. We would also be happy to recommend a few makeup artists we worked with in the past.

Women’s hair:

We ask that everyone come in with her hair ready the way she would like to present herself. We want your hair to look the way you look on a fantastic hair day and can’t have you show up to the studio like you just rolled out of bed.


We don’t recommend makeup on men. All our photos are retouched afterward, so any blemish will be taken out during that process.

Facial Hair:

If you would like to shoot with facial hair we would be happy for you to come in with any level of growth you like. Once we have gotten the scruff covered, you can shave or trim it down for a different look. Please feel free to bring any grooming products you will need with you to get it done.


We are available for shooting Monday through Saturday and we usually begin our sessions around 10am. Your investment for a headshot session with Ziqi is $496 + applicable tax. Retouching rate is $30/image. We work with freelance makeup artists and you would be paying them directly, they require cash on the day of the shoot. You will be working with the best photographer in the business. We provide worry-free service that helps your acting career. To book a session with us please feel free to get in touch below. 100% satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back.

We offer a 40% discount to students who is currently enrolled in acting classes. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

Group Rates/Business Portrait Sessions

We offer groups of people that need a consistent look and feel to showcase their brand. We spend our time bringing our studio to our clients’ office and shooting over the course of the day there - no more “selfies”, random “mug shots” with awkward smiles for your team.


Professional lighting setup and subtle skillful directing will bring out great vibes from your team and make everyone look professional, confident and approachable. On-site proofing and selecting will eliminate long and tedious back and forth after the photo shoot.


Our session can include professional makeup application on location and in the studio. You are welcome to come makeup ready. We want everyone to come in the way they would like to present themselves to an interview.


Let us work around your schedule and bring our studios to you! We would be happy to discuss the logistics and create a custom quote to fulfill your needs. The group rates are discounted based on the number of people being photographed.

Your investment for an individual business portrait session with Ziqi is $250+HST (Headshot only) and $335+HST (Headshot and Makeup)

Please inquire by filling out our contact form below or calling the studio at 306.880.0295

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